All You Need to Know About Fly Fishing in Valencia: Species, Season, License, Regulations, and More.

A surprising fact is that in the City of Arts and Sciences, near the Valencia Cathedral, and under the warm Mediterranean climate, it is possible to enjoy fly fishing for trout. This is made possible by the presence of the fishing reserve called Chulilla, located along the Turia River.

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Valencia, a city situated along the Mediterranean Sea but very close to the foothills of the Iberian System. While at first glance, one might think it doesn’t offer opportunities for fly fishing, we want to tell you that’s not true. There are several exceptions, such as the Chulilla or Bugarra fishing reserves along the Turia River, located in the Serranos region, downstream from the Loriguilla reservoir. In this reserve, just 50 minutes from the city of Valencia, you can enjoy fly fishing for rainbow trout.

In addition to this location, there are other rivers with small populations of brown trout, such as the Ebrón, Vallanca, Turia, and Cabriel. Another option for fly fishermen from Valencia is to head to the rivers of the nearby Iberian System near Teruel, where there are excellent trout populations, or explore the trout rivers of Castellón, such as the Mijares or Villahermosa.

As you can see, even though Valencia may not be considered a paradise for fly fishing, from this city, you can occasionally combine your favorite hobby with sightseeing in the city and relaxation by the Mediterranean Sea.


To practice fly fishing in freshwater near Valencia, it is necessary to obtain the fishing license from the Valencian Community. This license grants you permission to fish in rivers, lakes, and inland lagoons in the community.

You can process the fishing license through this link: (

The prices for fishing licenses are as follows:

  • Salmonids with death and eel: 10 euros
  • Salmonids without death: 8.50 euros
  • Cyprinids with death: 6.50 euros
  • Cyprinids without death: 5 euros»


In Valencia, there are two types of fishing areas or reserves:

  • Managed by the administration.
  • Managed by fishing clubs.

Previously, to fish in reserves managed by the administration, it was necessary to submit an application in person at the Department of the Environment. Currently, this application is done electronically with the «Clave Permanente» or the «Digital Certificate.» This new method makes it challenging for tourists to process fishing permits. Therefore, we recommend that you contact a management service or hire us as fishing guides, and we will take care of all these procedures for you.

Here is the link to the online reserves processing platform: VALENCIA FISHING RESERVES (;jsessionid=OSODhA0D-yfdViXg0fFyxgcHPUBRwBI208MbHQH-.ade-ptt-att-front).

Secondly, there are reserves managed by fishing clubs. Permits for these fishing reserves can be processed at certain affiliated bars and restaurants. For instance, if you wish to fish in the Chulilla reserve, permits can be obtained at the Balneario and also at the «La Tasca» Brewery, in the Chulilla square, starting from 8 a.m.