Fly Fishing Lodges In Spain

Best fly fishing lodges in northern Spain. Enjoy an incredible fishing holiday in Spain, staying in the best hotels for fishermen

We have selected a series of hotels spread from east to west in the geography of northern Spain to offer you an incredible fly-fishing experience in our country:

Fly Fishing Lodge in the Pyrenees

Fly Fishing Lodge in Pyrenean Foothills

Fly Fishing Lodge in Cantabrian Range

Fly Fishing Lodge in Central System- Gredos


Many of the Lodges we work with are Paradores Nacionales, and the Paradores de Turismo are an excellent option for those seeking a unique and authentic tourist experience in Spain.  They are usually heritage hotels in historic buildings, such as castles, monasteries, and palaces, which have been restored and adapted to offer high-quality accommodation and services.

The accommodations from which we centralize our fishing trips are not exclusive to fishermen.

We have selected them based on our experience to offer you the best fishing guarantees 365 days a year:

  • Exclusive service and personalized attention.
  • Located near the best fishing spots in northern and central Spain.

Our guides will pick you up in a private vehicle from these accommodations every morning and transfer you to the fishing areas. The guided fishing trip will begin there.

These hotels are trusted places for our team. With these accommodations, we have been working for many years. They know our unique schedules; they will prepare the fishing picnics every morning and have preferential attention to us.

The objective of the guides and the rest of the hotel team is to make you enjoy a unique trip and fly fishing in Spain.

Fly fishing packages in Spain staying at Lodges

Our fishing trips offer all-inclusive service.

The objective is that our guests stay in trusted hotels and do not worry about all kinds of details: transfers, fishing equipment, search for guides …

It is important to note that our fishing lodges do not have land with restricted access to waters, as in Patagonia or some ranches in the United States.

These hotels have been selected for being located near the best fishing areas in the country.

If you hire the trip with us, you will enjoy a fantastic, personalized fly-fishing trip.


Our lodges are strategically spread across Spain, granting us access to the finest trout fishing rivers in the Iberian Peninsula. Please refer to the map below for a schematic visualization of the specific location of each lodge: