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Guided fly fishing in Spain.

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Customized Fly Fishing Trips to Spain: Our goal is to guide you in the right place and time to offer the best fly fishing in Spain


Spain Fly Fishing Guides consists of three local fishing guides specialized in providing all possibilities for fly fishing in Spain. Our goal is to offer you the best experience, advising you based on your expectations and the travel date.

What our customers say (Company created in mid 2023)

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Jose Martin
Jose Martin
THE BEST FLY FISHING GUIDES IN SPAIN A few days ago, my cousins visited from New York, and we made the decision to book a three-day fly fishing excursion in the Pyrenees. Our guide, Marc, proved to be an exceptional choice. His intimate knowledge of the rivers was unparalleled, making it effortless for him to spot the elusive trout. Moreover, he adeptly assisted us in navigating the river safely. Marc generously provided us with waders and fly rods, and during our midday break, he treated us to a delectable meal featuring local products paired with excellent wine. Throughout our adventure, we each managed to reel in a significant number of wild trout. The picturesque scenery and pristine fishing spots added to the overall charm of the experience. In the end, our fly fishing journey with Marc in the Pyrenees was nothing short of unforgettable, and we eagerly look forward to repeating this incredible experience in the future!
Javier Martínez
Javier Martínez
El pasado mes de junio contraté con un amigo dos jornadas guiadas de pesca en los Pirineos con Spain Fly Fishing Guides. La experiencia fué 100% recomendable. Tuve la suerte de ser el primer cliente de esta nueva compañía que le auguro un gran futuro. La jornada empezó a las 8:30 de la mañana, cuando Marc, nuestro guía de pesca nos vino a buscar por el Hotel Parador de Viella y regresamos a las 19 horas cada uno de los días. El primer día pescamos un pequeño arroyo de montaña y el segundo día realizamos una excursión a dos lagos alpinos dónde pescamos truchas y salvelinos. Cada día capturamos más de 20 peces de tamaño pequeño y mediano. Marc fue un guía de pesca con mosca excelente. Atento, paciente y con muchos conocimientos. La comida de la jornada guiada también fue fantástica, todo con productos locales y de km 0. Indicar que contacté con este maravilloso equipo gracias a las recomendaciones que nos dieron en la recepción del hotel. Volveremos el próximo año.
David Mac Miller
David Mac Miller
INCREDIBLE FLY FISHING EXPERIENCE & FLY FISHING GUIDES IN SPAIN Last July, I had the incredible opportunity to journey to Spain alongside my wife. During my childhood, I encountered Ernest Hemingway's novel, "The Sun Also Rises," in school. His vivid portrayals of wild trout fishing in the Pyrenees truly captivated my imagination. This dream of exploring those lands had lingered within me for years. Our fishing guide, Marc, led us to captivating locales, affording us the chance to engage in fishing for the stunning wild zebra trout—an exquisite fish indeed. Furthermore, we were fortunate to secure some brook trout from the serene mountain lakes. The entire experience, from the culinary offerings to the top-notch equipment, exemplary service, and unwavering attention, was nothing short of astounding. As my wife and I look ahead, we eagerly anticipate the prospect of returning with our children in the forthcoming years. Marc, your dedication to providing such an unforgettable experience resonates deeply with us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for making this adventure a reality.



We offer six different operations. All our trips include all ground services from arrival at any airport.


We are native guides, so in addition to fishing with expert local guides, we will introduce you to our culture, history, fauna, flora, and customs.


We are a group of 3 friends who have partnered to offer an experience in the best fly fishing locations in Spain.


All guides have a minimum level of English.


We are a 100% legal company with civil liability and accident insurance. We are also a travel agency.


We offer a professional and personalized service and work with the best fly fishing lodges in Spain.


We know every corner of our geography perfectly!

Contact with our team of guides:


If your goal is not to hire a fly-fishing trip in Spain and you want to enjoy a guided fishing trip, this is also your place.

In addition to all-inclusive operations, we also offer fishing trips departing from your hotel anywhere in the Spanish geography.

These fishing trips include


  • Fishing license and permits.
  • Transfer from the hotel.
  • Picnic lunch or in a riverside restaurant.
  • Drinks during the fishing trip.
  • Fishing guide service.

not included

  • Accommodation.
  • Tips.
  • Equipment rental (50 euros per person).
Contact us and ask if we can move to where you enjoy the holidays. From there, we can offer you the possibility of enjoying a fun guided day of trout fly fishing.


What do you need to know?

Spain is an unknown country for many tourists; besides being surrounded by seas and oceans, it is the second most mountainous country in Europe and has the most significant extension of forests on the continent.

This mountainous orography of the country is crossed by a multitude of rivers, in some of which our friends, the trout, live.

Currently, Spain is considered one of the great destinations for fly fishing for the following reasons:

  • Ernest Hemingway’s favorite country: Ernest Hemingway came to fish in the Pyrenees; he narrates this in his novel The Sun Also Rises. After having traveled through half of Europe, he considered Spain the best fishing in the entire continent.
  • Pre-Ice Age trout: The Iberian Peninsula was not entirely covered by ice in the last ice age. Therefore, in some of our rivers live actual fossils, and we are talking about the oldest trout on the European continent.
  • Variety of species: in Spain, we have several ecotypes of brown trout, some as famous as Zebra Trout. You can also use arctic char, rainbow trout, huchen, carp, and barbel.
  • Paradise for lovers of dry fly fishing: the temperature, low population density, and the number of hours of light are favorable conditions for many insects in our rivers. Which allows us to fish with dry flies throughout the year.
  • A multitude of rivers in a short radius of travel: in mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees you can fish for more than ten rivers in a radius of 1.5 hours by vehicle.
  • Fishing all year round: the variety of microclimates and relief allows us to have many varied rivers to fish 365 days a year with guarantees of good fishing.
  • A destination for fishermen and companions: in addition to fishing, you can enjoy on your trip to Spain beautiful cities, castles, monasteries, cathedrals, National Parks, wines, paellas, tapas… All this in a country with excellent health, communications and security.

Our fishing guide company processes all the legal documents to practice fly fishing.

In Spain, it is necessary to have two documents to be able to fish:


The fishing license is a mandatory document to fish in Spain, and it is managed by each Autonomous Community (region), except in Andalusia, taking an exam is unnecessary.

There are two types of licenses:

  • River or inland fishing license is the license you need to fish in rivers and lakes of Spain.
  • Maritime recreation license is the fishing license required to fish in salt water.

The fishing license in regions such as Catalonia can be for one day, week, year, or five years. It is usually free if you are a minor, retired, or a person with unique abilities.

Fishing licenses are usually processed on the environmental pages of regional governments.

Some regions have come together to offer the fisherman a single fishing license. It is called the inter-autonomous license and is valid for the following areas: Aragon, Principality of Asturias, Castilla y León, Extremadura, Community of Madrid, Galicia, Valencian Community, and Region of Murcia.



Fishing reserves are stretches of rivers or lakes whose fishing is regulated sustainably to ensure that trout stocks and the number of their catches are excellent. The preserves are considered the best river or lake stretches for fishing in each region.

In addition to the fishing license, a second document is also required in these places. We are talking about the daily fishing permit, which can be obtained in the Expedition Centers that varies depending on each Autonomous Community or region.

They are usually obtained at the offices of the regional Environment Department or at some collaborating fishermen’s bars or societies.

The qualification required to be a fly fishing guide in Spain varies depending on the region.

In many Autonomous Communities, the guide must have a company registered as an Active Tourism Company. In other communities, it is not necessary, but it is always required to have civil liability and accident insurance.

In Catalonia, to guide, it is necessary to be registered on the Official Register of Sports Professionals.

In addition to the corresponding insurance and qualifications, when a fishing guide offers you meal service, accommodation, or transfer to the river, this is considered as offering you a combined trip. For this, it must be constituted as a travel agency.

If you are going to hire a fishing guide, always demand that they meet these requirements that guarantee your safety and quality service.

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