We aim to guide you to the right place at the right time. We offer fishing 365 days a year!

Spain Fly Fishing Guides SL is a travel agency specializing in fly fishing tourism in the destination of Spain.

The company is formed by Miguel (Founder and guide in the Basque Country, Gredos and Pyrenees), Angel (guide in Cantabrian Range), and Marc (guide in Pyrenees and Catalonia). In addition, we have an extensive network of local collaborators.

We are a young team, passionate about fly fishing, experienced guides, and great connoisseurs of the different rivers of the Spanish geography.

The company was created in 2021 with three purposes:

  • To be able to transmit our passion.
  • Fly fishing as an economic engine: helping the socio-economic development of many depressed rural areas of the country.
  • Contribute to conserving our rivers and local varieties of brown trout.

Discover the best rivers and streams of the Secret that is Spain. We are local guides! 100% professional team

Do you want to know more about us?

Miguel: In 2020, I started creating Spain Fly Fishing Guides to make Spain’s most extensive and varied fly-fishing operation. This company is the fruit of my dedication over many years to explore Spain’s best fly fishing possibilities.

I am Spanish, and my level of English is medium. In my childhood, I had the opportunity to live in Lleida, near the Pyrenees, and later in León, where I studied Biology and currently reside with my wife in San Sebastian. I have worked as a fishing guide in Montana and Patagonia, and I nowadays combine my activity as a fishing guide with various crafts.

In the middle of the pandemic, I decided to create the foundations of this young company. A company that would not be possible without my great friends Angel and Jordi.

After knowing many countries worldwide, Spain is still one of the best destinations for fly fishing—a paradisiacal but little-known destination.

Marc: I have been a fly fisherman since I was 15 and have worked as a freelancer for over five years.

I am proud to be part of the Spain Fly Fishing Guides team as a responsible and leading guide to our Catalonia destinations – Pyrenees – Pyrenean Foothills.

I am truly privileged to be able to publicize the incredible possibilities that Spain has for the practice of fly fishing. We live in a country that can offer a wide variety of types of fishing: from alpine lakes and rivers to the slow limestone lowland rivers.

Spain is one of the last destinations in the world where you can fish for 100% native trout. We have the widest variety of brown trout ecotypes in the world.

Angel:  I am Angel, and I am your fishing guide in León – Cantabrian Mountain Range and in the winter in the Basque Country.

I feel fortunate to be part of and work alongside this incredible team of friends. I live my dream – passion daily, and I want to share it with you.

From age 12, I fished the rivers of León and Picos de Europa and knew all its secret corners. In addition to being a fisherman, I am passionate about the nature, culture, and customs of my land.

I would love you to share this wonderful fly-fishing experience in northern Spain.